A Bugyal or Meadow is a field or open terrain that is more than 3,300 metres above sea level and is covered in grasses, herbs, flowers, and other non-woody plants

In Uttarakhand, Bugyals are primarily used as camping locations

Few people have explored these Bugyals


Dev Kyara

Kush Kalyan

Pakhwa (Pankhu Top)

Located in Uttarkashi, Chaainsheel Bugyal's route travels through communities where you may see the customs and way of life of people who live in the mountains. This area has a number of lakes. You can walk along the Rupin River

Dev Kyara Bugyal is located in Uttarkashi, between the Rupin and Supin Valleys, parallel to the Har ki Dun Valley. The Obra Gad Valley and the Dev Kyara Bugyal are two beautiful areas of the Garhwal Himalayas that can be explored through this trek.

Along the old Gangotri-Kedarnath road, Kush Kalyan Bugyal is situated near Tehri, not far from Belak. From the Kush Kalyan meadows in the Gangotri region, one can view the Bandarpunch twin peaks, as well as the neighbouring peaks of Jaonli and Draupdi Ka Danda.

The Pankhu Top (Pakhwa Bugyal), which is in Bageshwar, is sometimes described as "the trek through the biggest alpine meadows in the Himalayas." While traversing this bugyal, you would indulge in views of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Nanda Khat, Changuch, and other peaks.