Rambla de Montevideo

La Rambla, which runs along Montevideo's shoreline, is a crucial component of the city and a piece of global cultural heritage.

Playa Mansa

Playa Mansa is the ideal choice for a leisurely beach day due to its picture-perfect white sand and clear waves. This is considerably more unique and contains sculptures that are amusing.

Barrio Historico

With a number of intriguing museums, a historic lighthouse, and Uruguay's oldest church, this town's historic district transports you to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Puerto de Punta Del Este

Beaches, surfing, and an exciting nightlife are all popular in Punta Del Este. Amazing eateries are among the various tourism locations.

Bodega Cerro Chapeu

A tour of the ecologically friendly winery, which produces over 70% of its Tannat wine from vines that date back 30 years, is the first step in visiting the Bodega Cerro Chapeu.

Pocitos Beach

Take part in watersports swims, sunbathes, or visit the Naval Museum at Pocitos Beach, one of Montevideo's most popular beaches.

Theatre Solis

This once-famous music theatre, which was founded in 1856, housed eminent conductors, composers, and singers until 1930.

South American BBQ

The parillas (steakhouses) in Uruguay are a meat lover's paradise. The national meal of Uruguay is "asado," a form of open-fire grilling.

Conrad Casino

With 302 opulent guest rooms and 24 exquisitely furnished suites, The Conrad Hotel is Uruguay's first luxury resort and casino in the Las Vegas style.

Mercado Agricola Montevideo - MAM

You can really experience the local cuisine at this lovely historic market. It is crammed with little cafes, each with a roaring wood fire in the middle.

Ralli Museum Punta Del Este

One of the most significant collections of Latin American art in the world is housed in the Ralli Museum in Punta Del Este, which has a structure that is more than 6,000 square meters in size.