A place with a wealth of artistic and architectural gems. The global headquarters of Cummins Inc., a producer of diesel engines, are located in Columbus.

Cataract Falls

The waterfall known as Cataract Falls is situated in Indiana's west central region. It is a part of the Lieber State Recreation Area.


Naturally, the finest things to do in Indianapolis make the most of the city's history in auto racing.

Rotary Jail Museum

The cells in rotary prisons, a novel development in prison architecture, were wedge-shaped chambers placed around a central hub.

Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is the biggest zoo in the US, housing almost 1,600 animals and 23,000 plants, many of which are vulnerable or endangered species.

New Harmony

Southwest Indiana's Wabash River flows through the little historic town of New Harmony. The Harmony Society established New Harmony in 1814.

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is a large metropolis with a sense of a little town. There are several historic structures in the city. The history of the city itself dates back to the 1700s.

Indiana Dunes National Park

The 15-mile southern Lake Michigan shoreline is where Indiana Dunes National Park is situated. The fourth most biologically diverse national park is Indiana Dunes.


One of the best cities in Indiana is Bloomington. It is a well-known college town, the location of the esteemed Indiana University, and a haven for excellent dining.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

The farm property where the former president spent the majority of his youth is safeguarded and preserved by the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.