Great Northern Carousel

The 37 distinctive hand-carved creatures on the Great Northern Carousel, which is adorned to showcase Helena's various charms, reflect the wildlife of Montana.

Archie Bray Foundation

One of the most well-known ceramic arts institutions in the world is the Archie Bray Foundation. Western Clay Manufacturing Company is located at the Archie Bray Foundation.

Last Chance Gulch

The name of the actual gulch where gold was found in 1864 was Last Chance Gulch. It was formerly a desolate mining town. It now serves as an eating, retail, and entertainment hub.

Original Governor's Mansion

The well-preserved brick mansion and its lovely period chambers, which served as the governors of the state's residence for nearly 50 years.

Cathedral of St. Helena

The cathedral of the Helena Roman Catholic Diocese in Montana is called the Cathedral of St. Helena. Both the church's stunning façade and its beautiful interior are noteworthy.

Mount Helena

Helena's most famous natural feature and recognizable landmark is Mount Helena. Over 600 acres and numerous kilometers of hiking paths make up the park.

Montana State Capitol

The state capital of the American state of Montana is known as the Montana State Capitol. The enormous rotunda that houses the Capitol is surrounded by four circular murals.

Montana Historical Society Museum

The highly comprehensive Montana's Museum, which has a number of exhibits and galleries, is housed by the Historical Society.

Holter Museum of Art

The Holter Museum of Art is located in the center of Helena. All forms of contemporary and historical art are displayed in the museum's 17,000 square foot exhibition space.