Galveston's Beaches

Galveston is a beautiful coastal town with a rich history and some of the top museums in the country.

The Strand Historic District

Galveston's Historic Strand District, often known as The Strand, is the island's hub and a fantastic location for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

One of the few places in the world with as many water rides is Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.

Dolphin Sightseeing Tour

Galveston Dolphin Sightseeing Tours are well-liked by tourists to the island because playful dolphins frequently inhabit the Gulf of Mexico seas nearby.

Galveston Naval Museum

One of Galveston's most magnificent relics is the Galveston Naval Museum, located in Seawolf Park on Pelican Island.

Bishop's Palace

The Gresham Castle, also known as the Bishop's Palace, is a stunning and well-kept Victorian house.

Moody Gardens and Aquarium Pyramid

In Galveston, Moody Gardens is a tourist attraction that focuses on education. It has a hotel and golf course, but its three glass pyramids stand out the most.

Take the Freedom Walk

It's possible that few people are aware that Juneteenth in Galveston, where all slaves were declared free on June 19, 1865, is a self-guided Freedom Walk.

Fishing Galveston

Galveston is one of Texas' top destinations for deep sea fishing, but it's also a top spot for fly fishing from local piers, in wetland areas, and from the surf.

Moody Mansion

One of the best homes of its sort in the state of Texas, this 28,000 square foot residence was constructed in 1895 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Galveston Island State Park

Visit Galveston Island State Park, which is close to the island's western end, if you want to go bird watching, kayaking, fishing, or just enjoy a natural beach atmosphere.