Praça da Liberdade

The most significant square in Porto is called Praça da Liberdade. It links the contemporary area of the city with the historic area.

Palácio das Artes

A contemporary performing arts centre that hosts a variety of performances, such as opera, drama, and concerts.

Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

In Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, there is a museum honouring the traditions of the Minas Gerais people called the Minas Gerais Vale Memorial Museum.

Museu de Arte

The structure was built in the 1940s with a casino in mind and became a museum in 1957. The museum has two locations for temporary exhibits and has roughly 1400 items in its collection.

Museu de Artes e Oficios

The former train station, which has a key position in Belo Horizonte's history, is now home to the arts and crafts museum known as Museu de Artes e Oficios.

Parque Mangabeiras 

A primitive forest, a lake, many springs, playgrounds, kiddie rides, walking and jogging trails, an open-air theatre, and an amphitheatre can all be found in the park.

Parque Municipal

The sizable Parque Municipal is a park featuring a theatre, many gardens, aviaries, a lake for boat excursions, and scores of century-old shade trees.

Hippie Fair

One of Latin America's largest open-air marketplaces, it has around 3,000 stalls and sells a wide variety of goods, from artisan furniture to high fashion.

Estádio Mineirão

The largest football stadium in the state of Minas Gerais is called Mineiro. It is situated in Belo Horizonte and was founded in 1965.