Thomas "Tom" A dancer and performer from England is named Stanley Holland. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is most known for portraying Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, in six different movies:

The actor claimed in a video he shared with his 67.7 million Instagram followers that he had taken a break from social media for his mental health because he found Twitter and Instagram to be too stimulating and exhausting.

Holland last updated his Instagram account on July 1st, which was more than a month ago. His most recent tweet was from February.

I get caught up and spiral when I read stuff about myself online, and it's ultimately extremely bad for my mental health, so I took a step back and deleted the app, the 26-year-old stated.

In his brief return to Instagram on Saturday, the actor also spoke about an initiative called stem4 that his charity, The Brothers Trust, is supporting.

Stem4 is a mental health charity that offers free apps to help support teenagers.1

Holland is not the only famous person to have temporarily or permanently stopped using social media for mental health concerns. Selena Gomez said she hasn't used social media in over four and a half years in an interview earlier this year, adding that she feels "happier" and "more present" as a result of her choice.

Celebrities such as musician Justin Bieber and professional wrestler Trevor Dean Mann left messages of support on the actorโ€™s video.

"Love to you everyone, and let's begin talking about mental health," the actor wrote in the message he left for his followers.