Bash Bish Falls

The largest waterfall, Bish Bash, splits in two over a protruding rock before plunging 80 feet into a basin.

Doane Falls

The protected area is located within the Doane Falls Reservation and is a favourite spot for picnics, hiking, and fishing.

Tannery Falls

Tannery Falls, in the Savoy Mountain State Forest in the western section of the state, is a collection of towering, cascading waterfalls and slides.

Wahconah Falls

One of the most exquisite waterfalls is Wahconah Falls. There are areas for picnics, fishing, and hiking along Falls.

Trap Falls

When the forest's foliage is at its most colourful in the fall, it's a good idea to come. It's also worthwhile to go in the winter.

Campbell Falls

When it rains, the canyons and little ponds where Campbell Falls pours take on a more spectacular appearance. 

Slatestone Brook Falls

At Slatestone Brook Falls several streams of water may be seen cascading down the rocky mountainside.

Bear’s Den Falls

Bears Den Falls located in the little village of New Salem. It is one of the state's tiniest waterfalls.

Umpachene Falls

Umpacheon Falls located in the New Marlborough's Umpacheon Falls Park. This waterfall is 40 feet tall.

Race Brook Falls

In the Mount Everett State Reservation, close to Sheffield, is Race Brook Falls. This is one of the highest falls in the state at 300 feet.