Downtown Waterfront

The Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Convention Center are frequently the first stops for tourists.

Junipero Cherry Beach

The section of beach between Junipero Avenue to the west and the Belmont Veteran's Memorial is known as Cherry Beach, often referred to as Junipero Beach.

The Queen Mary

When the Queen Mary set sail from Southampton, England for the first time in 1936, it became the biggest ocean liner to ever travel the Pacific Ocean.

Downtown Long Beach

In downtown Long Beach, restaurants like George's Greek Cafe and L'Opera Ristorante provide foreign cuisines in addition to shopping, eating, and nightly entertainment.

Bluff Park

Bluff Park is located between Ocean Avenue and the Pacific Ocean. There are just palm trees and lush green grass in this 13-acre linear park.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Over 12,000 marine species are housed in the renowned Aquarium of the Pacific, which is located on the Downtown Waterfront. It includes over 100 displays.

Naple Canals

The southernmost section of Long Beach, Naples Canals, has a view of the Pacific Ocean. On three islands surrounded by gorgeous waterways, this delightful community was constructed.

The Pike Outlets

Pike Outlets, downtown Long Beach's newest favorite outdoor shopping area, is close to the Convention Center by foot.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

A 1.3-acre Japanese garden, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is located on the California State University, Long Beach campus.

Catalina Island

The wildlife, scuba diving, quaint coastal towns, and Mount Orizaba (the island's highest peak), are what Catalina Island is best known for.