One of India's Char Dham is Badrinath

Badrinath is one of Lord Vishnu's highest temples.

In the winter, Badrinath is closed for six months

The primary idol of Lord Badrinath is three and a half feet tall and is built of Shaligram rock

Brahmins from Kerala's "Namboodiri caste," known as "Rawal," worship Badrinath

The other revered main gods of the temple are Kubera, Garuda, Badrivishal, Uddhava, Narada, Narayan, and Nar

Badrinath recorded 1,242,546 visits in 2019

In the form of a Sacred Offering (Prasad), Van Tulsimala, raw gramme, Gola, and sugar sweets (Mishri) are offered to Narayan