The Virginia Theatre

The Virginia, which was built in 1921, towards the tail end of the vaudeville period, provided the audience with a wide range of "legitimate" entertainment options.

Champaign Public Library

Step inside to take in the magnificent Peter Seuss paintings, the vibrant adolescent space, the calm living room, the library café, and the Friendshop bookshop.

Crystal Lake Park

The crown gem of the Urbana Park District, Crystal Lake Park offers many community amenities in addition to being surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lush urban forest.

State Farm Center

The area is well known for housing the men's and women's basketball squads for the Fighting Illini.

Downtown Champaign

Champagne's downtown is surrounded with small boutiques and eateries, and during the summer outdoor eating is very popular in the area.

Spurlock Museum

The Spurlock Museum is a small, cutting-edge, free museum with intriguing exhibits on significant civilizations from all over the world, both past and present.

Memorial Stadium

The immaculate Memorial Stadium serves as a memorial to the University of Illinois students who perished in World War I.

University of Illinois Ice Arena

This facility, the only Ice Arena in Champaign-Urbana, provides a distinctive choice for skating get-togethers, from broomball and hockey to group skating parties.

Krannert Art Museum

Both seasonal and permanent exhibits are available at the Krannert galleries. And a number of annual activities, give visitors even more of a reason to go.

Orpheum Children's Science Museum

An educational facility in Champaign, the Orpheum Children's Science Museum offers camps, after-school programmers, seminars, and special events.