Grand Teton

Every year, several expert climbers attempt the difficult ascent to the mountain's snow-capped top. It is the second tallest peak in the state and is located at a height of 13,775 feet.

Jenny Lake

The wonderful lake is undoubtedly a must-visit for its stunning landscape and fantastic vistas, in addition to providing a wide range of excellent outdoor activities.

Chapel of the Transfiguration

The adorable chapel was constructed in 1925. A cute little entry, a complex with a tiny bell tower, a sacristy with aspen seats, a hand-carved altar etc.

Teton Park Road

Teton Park Road offers breathtaking vistas and is a pleasure to travel along. It links several of the park's top tourist destinations.

Cascade Canyon Trail

The path begins at Jenny Lake and travels about 14 miles round-trip before ascending into rocky Cascade Canyon.

Mormon Row Historic District

The rustic-looking, decrepit farms, barns, and homes that we can still see today were constructed by Mormon pioneers who settled in the region in the 1890s.

Jackson Lake

The massive Jackson Lake, which provides a wealth of fantastic outdoor activities and opportunity to see animals, is one of the park's key attractions.

Signal Mountain Summit Road

Signal Mountain, with its isolated location and stunning vistas of Jackson Hole, Jackson Lake, and the soaring Teton Range, offers some of the greatest views in the park.

Taggart Lake

One of the most well-liked and picturesque locations in the park is Taggart Lake. At the base of the enormous and spectacular Teton Range, its waters reflect the surrounding scenery.

Moose Wilson Road

Through extensive woods and valleys, you may occasionally see moose, beavers, or even black bears in the virgin forest on either side of the path.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

The charming small chapel of the Sacred Heart, a wedding location, is located on Jackson Lake's southern bank.

Paintbrush Canyon Trail

The incredible Paintbrush Canyon Trail leads you past breathtaking landscape and environment with lots of hypnotic vistas.