Santa Monica Pier

The Pacific Park thrill coasters are only one of the many entertainment, eating, and retail options available along the renowned Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica State Beach

The finest overall beach experience in Los Angeles is found in Santa Monica. Additionally, it has some of Southern California's nicest beaches.

26-Mile Bike Path

This road along the Pacific Ocean is well-liked for bicycling, running, and in-line skating. It begins at the Santa Monica pier.

Third Street Promenade

This vibrant three-block area is a moviegoer's paradise and is only accessible by foot. It features hundreds of shops, eateries, and about 20 cinema screens.

Santa Monica Bay

Santa Monica Bay has 22 distinct public beaches along its 50 miles of picturesque shoreline, offering year-round leisure to tourists.

Pacific Park

With 12 exhilarating rides, including the West Coaster and Pacific Wheel, the first solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world, Pacific Park is the ideal playground for families.

Palisades Park

The expansive Santa Monica beach made famous in the TV show "Baywatch" is connected to this verdant park, which is a great spot for walkers, cyclists, and people-watchers.

Santa Monica Mountains

There are unexpectedly wild locations that are accessible from the Santa Monica Mountains. There are several historical and cultural sites in the park.

Ocean Avenue

At Ocean Avenue, you may enjoy all that California has to offer, including stunningly colorful cityscapes, ocean breezes, breathtaking views, and well-kept walking pathways.

Santa Monica Farmers Market

The Santa Monica Farmers Market is renowned as Southern California's greatest source of locally produced, high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Santa Monica Yacht Harbor Sign

A popular spot for tourists to snap photographs is the sign plaque that denotes where North American Route 66 ends in front of the Santa Monica Pier.