Irvine (California)

Orange County's Irvine is a picture-perfect vacation spot and the hub of business in Southern California.

Irvine Spectrum Center

The Irvine Spectrum Center, a sizable outdoor shopping complex close to the intersection of I-5 and I-405, is lined with retail establishments, landscaped fountains, and a variety of attractions.

Orange County Great Park

The Great Park Balloon, the park's main draw, lifts visitors 400 feet into the air to give them a bird's-eye perspective of the park and the area around it.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Within city borders, there is a true wilderness area called the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife haven's accessibility is a major lure, especially for birders and photographers.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is incredibly beautiful, and there are many ways to appreciate it, including rollerblading, strolling down the beach, and taking a sunset cruise.

Museum of California Art

The Irvine Museum Collection and The Buck Collection, two significant California art collections, came together to form this new institute.

Irvine Open Space Preserve

Irvine is surrounded by an amazing array of natural areas, which provide both locals and visitors a variety of leisure opportunities.

Orange County Soccer Club

Players and fans alike like this cutting-edge stadium, and Irvine's warm evenings are ideal for attending a game.

University of California Irvine Arboretum

Only UCI Biological Science students and guided tours, which are frequently planned during prime flowering seasons, have access to the arboretum.