Old Barracks Museum

The Old Barracks was built in 1758 to provide housing for British troops fighting in the French and Indian War.

William Trent House Museum

In the middle of contemporary governmental office buildings, the museum's grounds are a 3-acre haven of history. There authenticity is the benchmark.

Trenton Thunder Ballpark

It serves as the home field for the Trenton Thunder, a collegiate MLB Draft League baseball club.

New Jersey State Museum

The museum's initial concentration was on natural history, but it now also houses significant collections in fine art, archaeology, cultural and natural history.

Rockville Climbing Center

The best indoor rock climbing facility in central New Jersey is Rockville Climbing Center.

New Jersey State House

Trenton is home to the New Jersey State House, which serves as the state's legislative assembly.

World War II Memorial

A national memorial honoring Americans who fought in World War II and served as civilians is called the World War II Memorial.

Cadwalader Park

The unique attribute of Cadwalader Park is that it is the only park in New Jersey that Frederick Law Olmsted directly created.

Trenton Battle Monument

The monument symbolises the location where George Washington's cannon was stationed in 1776 to shoot downward at Hessian soldiers who were sheltering in houses.