RIO Washingtonian Center

The Rio Washingtonian Center is a well-liked spot to eat and stroll along the boardwalk since it is a pedestrian-friendly commercial mall and entertainment complex.

Gaithersburg Community Museum

The museum, which is housed in the complex of the 1884 B&O Railroad, connects Gaithersburg's past and present for visitors of all ages.

Water Park at Bohrer Park

There is a kiddie pool and a big pool with a beach access at the water park. There are several water splashing features as well as climbing surfaces.

Old Town Gaithersburg

Old Town is the El Centro of Gaithersburg, and is where you can find latinos-for-hire as well as places to eat pupusas and sip horchata.

Observatory Park

It is impeccably kept up and is located on a side street with low traffic. One of six telescope observatories is preserved in the park, which is a historic location.

Washington Square Neighborhood Park

Tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground, and a picnic shelter are all part of this five acre park.

Travis Park

This park offers a half-court basketball court, two playgrounds, a gazebo with two picnic tables, and a paved area perfect for young children's bikes.

Kids Play Gallery

A pleasant, sociable, and secure atmosphere with bespoke play homes is provided by Kids Play Gallery, an indoor imaginative play area.

Inspiration Lake

Nirvana Lake and Lake Placid are these two lakes. According to the descriptions, the lake regions have 2 ponds, 15 miles of hiking trails, and 40 acres.

Constitution Gardens Park

Ages 2 to 5 and toddlers will like this location. With a flowing water line to mix your sand or make mud pies, they offer a special sand pit and play area.

iFLY Montgomery

Where the desire to fly is realized is at iFLY. The feeling of freedom and weightlessness that comes with floating in the air will win you over.

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