Here's a wide assortment of the best day trips in and out of New York City, for you to explore other interesting destinations that will have a good time if you're on a trip to New York City.

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(1hr 28 min. Train or 1hr 44min. Car)

Due to its distinct atmosphere and exciting tourist attraction, Philadelphia is one of the greatest locations to visit from New York City.

1. Liberty Bell Pavilion 2. Independence Hall 3. Independence National Historical Park 4. Philadelphia Museum of Art and the "Rocky Steps" 5. LOVE Park

Places to Visit

2. Washington, DC

(1hr 10min Flight or 4hr Car)

Museums, memorials, and the Metro are well-known features of DC. it is also well-known for housing the political elite of the United States of America.

1. The Lincoln Memorial 2. The White House 3. The Washington Monument 4. National Gallery of Art

Places to Visit

3. Beacon, New York

(1hr 24min. car or 1hr. 27min. Train)

Beacon is renowned for its modern artwork. Beacon has made a name for itself as a sanctuary for art and creators, attracting artists from outside of New York City.

1. Visit the Art Galleries 2. Stroll Main Street 3. Bannerman Castle 4. Scope out the Ruins 5. Rummage at the Local Flea Market 

Places to Visit

4. Cape May, New Jersey

(2hr 43min car or 6hr 21min Train)

It is a popular vacation spot known for its beaches and boardwalks. The county is home to several historic monuments.

1. Cape May Beach 2. Cape May Lighthouse 3. Jersey Shore Alpacas 4. Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum

Places to Visit

5. New Canaan, Connecticut

(1hr 5min car or 1hr 32min Train)

New Canaan is renowned for its many architectural styles, sizable public parks including Waveny Park, and a distinctive town center with vintage shops.

1. The Philip Johnson Glass House 2. Waveny Park 3. Silvermine Arts Center 4. St. Marks Episcopal Church 5. New Canaan Nature Center

Places to Visit