Europe is a continent that has been trapped in time, with buildings that have been painstakingly kept and others that are even Neolithic in age.


Italy offers the best food, art, and architecture in the world. The tomatoes in this boot-shaped nation are as sweet as sugar and the pizzas are grilled to perfection.


Vive la France! Known for its romance, delectable food, art, culture, and natural beauty. This lovely country offers everything you'd ever want in a vacation.


Spain is one of Europe's best nations and one of its most attractive. It offers stunning mountain ranges, seashore cliffs, and hilltop settlements, and architectural wonders.


Switzerland is one of the most costly nations in Europe to travel to, yet it is well worth the steep costs. Mountains with snow-capped peaks emerge from the mist.


Belgium makes up for its small size with a tone of charm and beautiful medieval cities that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Sweden is renowned for having a lot of lakes and forests. It is the Pop Music Capital of the World and a nation of avid recyclers, hikers, and Fika drinkers.


One of those nations that can absolutely stop you in your tracks is Austria. It is surrounded by the majestic Austrian Alps and dotted with glistening lakes.


Greece has the most beautiful blue skies, and the turquoise Mediterranean caresses beaches with pebbles and sand that range in hue from brown to pink to red.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, sometimes known more casually as Holland, offers tourists a laid-back holiday full of beauty, art, and lots of riding.


Portugal offers a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes such as castles, beaches, and mountains.