While Los Angeles is fantastic, sometimes you just need to get away. Consider taking one of these short day excursions from Los Angeles to some wonderful local locations if you just have one day to spare.

1. Solana Beach

Amtrak makes it simple to go there from Los Angeles, and since all the sights you'll want to see are close to the station, it's the ideal way to go on a day trip.

(2 hrs by car or 2 hrs by train)

1. Fletcher Cove Park 2. Annie's Canyon Trail 3. North Coast Repertory Theatre 4. Salana Beach Farmers Market 5. Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery

Places to Visit in Solana Beach

2. Santa Barbara

(1 hr 50 mins by car)

Considering doing something enjoyable and novel this weekend. Travel from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles by car.

1.  Santa Barbara Zoo 2. Cold Spring Tavern 3. Old Mission Sanata 4. Santa Barbara Harbour

Places to Visit in Santa Barbara

3. Los Alamos

(2 hrs 20 mins by car)

The Los Alamos National Laboratory is located in the small New Mexico town of Los Alamos, where physicists created the first nuclear weapon.

1. Bandelier National Monument 2. Tsankawi trail 3. Pajarito Mountain Ski Area 4. Bradbury Science Museum

Places to Visit in Los Alamos

4. Balboa Island in Newport Beach

(50 mins by car)

Balboa Island is a unique man-made jewel, and getting there is easy whether you drive, walk, bike, or ride the Balboa Island Ferry.

1. St. John Vianney Chapel 2. Kayaking 3. Balboa Fun Zone 4. Balboa Island Museum

Places to Visit in Balboa Island

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