Natural Bridge

A jumbled rock alluvial deposit that rises about 35 feet above the canyon bottom forms the Natural Bridge.

Devil's Cornfield

Devil's Cornfield is the name of this location because someone believed the strange plants resembled bundled corn stalks following a harvest.

Spring Wildflower

The desert only blooms in a sea of gold, purple, pink, or white flowers under ideal circumstances. Typically, they occur once every ten years.


A genuinely remarkable experience, visitors may park at the Badwater Basin carpark and stroll over the salt flats to the end of the boardwalk and out into the salt itself.

Ubehebe Crater

They are called Maar volcanoes, and when heated magma coming up from the depths contacted ground water, bursts of steam and gas caused them to form.

Dante’s View

Dantes Vista offers tourists an unmatched view of the whirling, white salt flats of Death Valley below, which is still true now as it was then.

Artist’s Drive

These nine miles (14.5 km) paved road, which is the most well-known beautiful drive in the park, travels through a variety of colourful, eroded hills.

Furnace Creek Visitor Center

The Furnace Creek Visitor Center is a museum with an extensive collection of educational materials about the geology, history, flora, and animals of Death Valley.

The Racetrack

Here, pebbles appear to be moving alone by themselves as they drift across the flat desert terrain.