Camping in Pine Lake Campground

It is situated on the shores of a sinkhole lake in the centre of the park. There is a lovely sandy beach, a playground, and restrooms.

Cabin Rentals in Pine Lake Cabin Rentals

These cottages on Pine Lake's shoreline provide a few home amenities along with beautiful views, access to the outdoors, and close by hiking trails.


The Fort Chipewyan or Fort Smith Visitor Centers are the places where you may obtain a backcountry paddling permit.

Bannock on a Stick

In summer, Wood Buffalo National Park co-hosts Bannock on a Stick every second Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. with the Town of Fort Smith.


Only knowledgeable and experienced travellers should attempt to navigate by boat on the park's main river systems due to numerous natural dangers.

Wildlife Viewing

Numerous animal species found at Wood Buffalo National Park. These include lynx, bears, moose, eagles, hawks are some common bird species.

Winter Wildlife

Speaking of wildlife viewing, the colder months bring out a lot of species. Several creatures, including wolves, snowshoe hares, lynx, and ptarmigans, are visible from the winter road.


It is the world's biggest Dark Sky Preserve (DSP). A dark-sky preserve is a place where it is forbidden to emit artificial light, usually near a forest or an observatory.


At a number of fantastic picnic locations in the park, take in the calm, peaceful sounds of nature and the splendour of the boreal forest.


Along the Slave River, Peace River, and Athabasca River, which surround Wood Buffalo National Park, are the greatest spots for fishing.