Old Town

A variety of quaint shops and eateries, and many of the city's most prominent religious structures can be found in Zürich's old district.

Lake Zurich

It is a well-liked trip location for activities including swimming, sailing, boating, and shore side picnics.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of the top mountain destinations in the world because to its mirror-like lakes, glaciers, craggy hills, alpine forests, and abundant sunshine.


The name "the city of fountains" refers to Bern. There are hundreds of them in the vicinity of its historic center. Some are stunning, while others are just plain awful.

Lake Geneva

Summer vacationers continue to flock to Lake Geneva for boating, water activities, and mansion sightseeing.

Kunstmuseum Basel

One of the oldest and biggest public museum collections in Europe, the Kunstmuseum Basel's collection includes works from the early fourteenth century to the present.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) in Schaffhausen are the biggest falls in Central Europe, spanning 150 metres. The greatest months to travel are June and July.

Swiss National Park

The oldest park in the Alps is the Swiss National Park in the Engadine Valley. About 170 sq km is made up of limestone crags, swift-moving rivers, and hollows covered with flowers.

Lake Lucerne

With picturesque vistas of the Swiss countryside, cattle grazing in the fields, and many other attractions nearby, the Lake Lucerne region is a hiking enthusiast's paradise.

Swiss Grand Canyon

Ruinaulta, also known as the Rhine Gorge and the Swiss Grand Canyon, is regarded as one of the best locations in Switzerland for trekking and pictures.


Even if you are unfamiliar with this tiny mediaeval settlement, you have definitely heard of the hard yellow cheese that gave it its name.