2.5 miles of the historic area of Carson City are covered by the Kit Carson Trail. It includes stops at famous locations such as Victorian-era mansions, museums, and cathedrals.

Kit Carson Trail

Nevada State Capitol Building

The Nevada State Capitol is the focal point of a gorgeous complex that also houses the State Legislature  is located in the centre of historic Carson City.

Carson City

The state's capital, Carson City, is home to several outdoor activities, historical landmarks, museums, art galleries, theatres, and a wide variety of other events and entertainment.

Nevada State Railroad Museum

The collection of operational locomotives, railroad equipment, antiques, and papers found at this state railroad museum.

Nevada State Museum

The Nevada State Museum in Carson draws a wide range of visitors who are interested in learning about and enjoying Nevada's natural and cultural history.

Washoe Lake State Park

On Washoe Lake's southeast side sits this well-liked state park. The park offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, and water sports.

Bowers Mansion Regional Park

The Park is situated on the Sierra Nevada mountains' eastern flank. This location is ideal for picnics since it has large, sunny lawn areas and lots of towering trees.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, a large freshwater lake. It is the biggest alpine lake in North America and is renowned for its crystal blue waters and breathtaking landscape.

Governor's Mansion

The governor of Nevada and his family have a residence in the Nevada Governor's Mansion. One of Carson City's most visited attractions is this historic government building.