Museum of the Rockies

It is notable for having a large collection of dinosaur fossils, notably the completely mounted T. Rex Skeleton from Montana.

Downtown Bozeman

For good cause, Bozeman is referred to as "the most livable location." Enjoy world-class fishing, mountain biking, and hiking in stunning terrain.

American Computer & Robotics Museum

The American Museum of Computers and Robotics, or ACRM as it was once known, is home to several exhibitions tracing the history of the technology.

Palisade Falls

A popular short trek leads to Palisade Falls, a stunning waterfall that cascades from a sheer volcanic cliff on the Palisade side.

Montana Grizzly Encounter

Bears that were born in captivity or would not survive in the wild are adopted by Montana Grizzly Encounter, which offers a secure environment for them.

Bridger Bowl

Bridger Bowl is a non-profit ski resort in Montana that aims to offer excellent skiing at a price that is accessible to residents.

Glen Lake Rotary Park

Features outside of the lake are the numerous hiking routes that wind across the grassland and provide breathtaking views of the granite cliffs along the Gallatin River.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, the first and largest national park established in the country, is 80 miles away from Bozeman.

Bozeman Hot Springs

A renowned natural hot springs called Bozeman Hot Springs is situated in the midst of Montana's stunning Gallatin Valley.

Burke Park (Peets Hill)

More than 220 plant species may be found at Burke Park (Peets Hill), a 41-acre park. The hill is renowned for its lightning-fast sledding in the winter.

Gallatin History Museum

The Gallatin Past Museum prominently displays the area's pioneer history on Main Street since it is housed in a historic and rebuilt county prison structure.