Big Bend National Park

National Park is situated on the border with Mexico and is divided from it by a sizable bend in the Rio Grande river.

Hike Santa Elena Canyon

The Santa Elena Canyon Trail is one of Big Bend National Park's most breathtaking hikes and unquestionably has the best reward-to-effort ratio of any hike in the park.

Dive in the Hot Springs

Swimming in the 105°F waters of the natural hot springs on the Rio Grande's side is one of the most well-liked activities

Sunset Over the Window

From the Chisos Basin Visitors Center, a 3-mile path leads to the Window View, a famous spot for viewing the sun set.

Hit the Hiking Trails

Those in shape who want to go on challenging walks can organise multi-day excursions or take on some of the world-famous day hikes, including Emory Peak or the South Rim.

Canoe Along the Rio Grande

Paddling down the canyon is a genuinely unforgettable experience that offers a fascinating look at the local geology.

Ghost Town of Terlingua

The Terlingua Ghost Town is six to seven miles away, and Study Butte and Terlingua are only three to four miles from the park's west gate.

Camping Under the Dark Skies

The National Dark Sky Park designation applies to this park. The night sky is a sea of diamonds and free from practically all light pollution.


Big Bend National Park is a great area to see birds as they pass through on their northward and southward migrations.

Night at a Nearby Resort

Although Big Bend National Park provides a fantastic outdoor experience. At the end of the day, returning to a posh resort or a quaint old lodge might be a welcome treat.