Houston is a lovely city to visit. But you may also take a day trip from Houston to somewhere close. Here are a few of the best locations close to Houston.

Kemah, Texas

(44min. by Car)

Kemah features a boardwalk with restaurants, shops, and rides from an amusement park. Take a carriage ride through the town or a boat cruise on the water.

1. Kemah Boardwalk 2. Kemah Lighthouse District 3. Johnson Space Center- NASA 4. Sylvan Beach Park

Lake Livingston State Park

(1hr 10min by Car)

Lake Livingston is famous for its white bass population. It also offers three boat ramps, two fish cleaning facilities, a fishing pier, and bank fishing.

1. Fish off the fishing pier 2. Paddle on Lake Livingston 3. Hike the trails 4. Joe Pedigo Park 5. Pine Island 6. Lake Livingston Dam

Galveston Island

(1hr by Car)

There are a number of public beach parks on the island that stretch along its coastline. You may engage in a variety of activities - boating, fishing, and water sports.

1. The Strand Historic District 2. Historic Pleasure Pier 3. Dolphin Sightseeing Tour 4. Galveston Naval Museum

Dallas, Texas

(1hr 5min Flight or 3hr 28min Car)

Sports, culture, frozen margaritas, history, BBQ, and more are all well-known in Dallas.

1. The sixth floor museum 2. The reunion tower 3. Dallas Museum of art 4. Dallas zoo 5. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Brenham, Texas

(1hr 10min. car)

Blue Bell is among Brenham's most well-known attractions. There is much more to see and do in this city than just consume ice cream.

1. Visit The Blue Bell Creameries 2. Home Sweet Farm Market & Biergarten 3. Pleasant Hill Winery 4. Brazos Valley Brewery 5. Chappell Hill