Paseo La Galeria

One of the biggest and busiest retail centres in Asunción, Paraguay, is Paseo La Galeria.

Estacion Puerto Olivares

The Estacion Puerto Olivares is the perfect location for tourists who wish to see the city. A relaxing stay in Arroyos is possible at the Estacion Puerto Olivares.

Shopping Paris Mall

The best mall in town is definitely Shopping Paris. The most expensive, it offers a wide range of stores, including a few coffee cafes.

Ciudad Del Este

It is highly recommended to visit because of its numerous well-known sites, such as Friendship Bridge and Saltos del Monday.

Pro Cosara

These enormous lily pads, which are only seen every third or fourth summer and have a diameter of five to eight feet, float in a picket-fence pattern over the Cerro Lagoon.


On the banks of the Paraguay River, Asuncion, one of South America's oldest towns, is home to some of the nation's top museums, nightlife, and significant historical monuments.

Parque  Nacional Ybycui

The 5000-hectare Ybycui National Park is a small park with beautiful woodland and several waterfalls. Ruins of the "La Rosada" iron factory may be located inside the park.

Villarrica Paraguay

Many of the top authors, musicians, and painters in the nation were born in this town, which is renowned for its cultural activities.

Itaipu Dam

The Itaipu Dam, the second-largest dam in the world, is a hydroelectric power source that is situated on the border between Paraguay and Brazil.

Parque Nacional Cerro Cora

The largest protected area in Paraguay is Cerro Cora National Park, which covers 5,538 hectares. It's in the Amambay Department.